Halloween for all ages

Halloween is coming soon and we all have this question in mind: What will my costume be this year? Once you’ve chosen the most original costume, be it a vampire, a mouse or a mermaid, you must carefully choose where we want to spend your Halloween evening! I have some ideas for everyone!

For the more courageous!
On October 25 and 26, a haunted maze is waiting for you at Ouimet Farms Adventure! Escape the monsters while trying to make your way out of the labyrinth ... It will give you chills!

L’Orignal Old Jail will be haunted for Halloween! Walk by the prison cells, but pay attention: you may see some prisoners’ disgruntled ghosts ...

For the more cautious!
The Tucker House Renewal Center offers you to spend your Halloween party with them! On October 26, you will spend the night at Tucker House’s first Halloween party : games, costume contest, hors d’oeuvres and more!

The Town of Hawkesbury is also taking part in the Halloween festivities and the Main Street will be closed on November 1, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and stores will be offering candy to all the little monsters with a Halloween costume! Do not miss this! 

The Prescott-Russell Tourism team wishes you a happy Halloween!


We know for a fact that Prescott-Russell has lots of activities, but our wonderful region also has a plethora of options for gourmets and foodies alike! From pizzas, to amazing burgers to meals with names we can hardly pronounce, you’ll get your money’s worth... and your appetite’s worth!
We present to you a sample of the Prescott-Russell culinary spirit!
1) Perfect for those who love the Pick-Your-Own season, which is in full stride: Raspberry and blueberry dumplings. Visit this link to find out more about this amazing recipe!
2) Barbecued tomato nachos! Do I really need to say more to whet your appetite? The recipe is here.
3) Pasta fan? Greenhouse tomato and pepper pasta, mhmm… simply past(a)oral! The complete guide is here.
Are you looking for places to buy your ingredients or even ready-made meals? Prescott-Russell has lots of them, but here are our favorites!
L’Orignal Packing Ltd. - With lots of meats, local products and frozen fruits and vegetables, they have many options for you!
St-Albert Cheese Factory Co-op - Renowned for it excellent cheeses and curds, the perfect complement!
Orchards - Great orchards to choose from for fruit to colour your meals or even wine to pair with your new recipe!
Chez L’Boulanger - A great table with perfect ambiance!
La Binerie de Plantagenet - Get your fix of beans!
Vankleek Hill Farmers Market - Local products available on the spot for all your culinary needs.

Don’t forget to visit our microbreweries to have a good refreshment with those succulent meals! What better than a good beer to spice up your meal?


This is the long-awaited moment of the year: self-picking is underway! What's more mouth-watering than having a nice day in the sun picking fruits and vegetables, then coming back home and cooking a fresh delicious dish? Here are the three essential spots where you can harvest a wide variety of them.
Are you up for baking a good homemade strawberry or raspberry pie? Proulx Maple & Berry Farm has the main ingredients you need! Roll up your sleeves and come pick these berries with family, friends or by yourself. This farm also has sweet corn, honey and garden vegetables; what more could you be asking for? Make sure to end your day at their booth filled with delicious products.
How about delightful jam? On toasts, pancakes, on everything! You’re right at home, at Ferme Les Fruits du Poirier, where you can pick your own fruit and then make jam in their brand new commercial kitchen. Simply a treat! The family farm gives you the chance to taste unusual fruit such as black raspberries, currants, gooseberries, Saskatoon berries, and their trademark camerise berries.
Did you know that blueberries have many positive effects on health? It is at Vergers Villeneuve & Blueberry Farm that you must go and pick them! They are fresh, juicy and sweet, therefore perfect for recipes and even more delicious when you have picked them yourself!
They are ripe for the picking!


Its sunny and it's hot outside! This makes me so thirsty; how you? It’s time to embark on a journey and one of our best circuits: beautiful Prescott-Russell’s microbreweries! The best beers around are in our own backyard, with unique hints and flavours! It’ll make you want to compare them all responsibly!

Located in Embrun, Tuque de Broue, with its caring, sociable and charismatic owner, will have you stay not only for the amazing beer it brews, but also to learn about its amazing process and products! Whether it’d be for their famous Tuque Dorée, its Barbe Blanche or its Cavalerie d’houblons, its selection will leave your palate longing for more. Planning a wedding or looking for a place to do a BBQ and get amazing cold beer? Come to Tuque de Broue! You won’t be leaving empty-handed!

Located in the heart of Embrun, Étienne Brûlé offers no less than nine biologically certified local beers. Not only will the incredible team show off its flow of colours and aromas for you, but it also serves great food, so you can stop for a drink and eat at the same time ! Renowned for its amazing wings, smoked meat and nachos you won’t want to leave this heavenly place! Fun night with friends? Business lunch? Or simply a tour of the brewery? It’ll go beyond your expectations!

Did you know that Cassel Brewery just got a new home? It is now part of a restaurant, which makes it a pub, offering you great food, great beer and an amazing atmosphere! If you’re part of a group of at least four people, register for a guided tour of the brewery for more insight into its history! It’s truly fascinating and shows off the city of Casselman! Hop on the Cassel train for an exciting ride!

Beau’s is now available throughout Canada, and we are very proud of it. Beer, wine, a podcast, a blog; what more could Beau’s have? Located in Vankleek Hill, it is proud of its farming roots and keeps harvesting success since 2006, 7 days a week!

All in all, if you were wondering where you could get great beer, look no further than Prescott-Russell! Don’t forget to visit the St-Albert Cheese Factory while you visit Tuque de Broue, Étienne Brûlé or Cassel Brewery! When you visit Beau’s, don’t forget to visit the Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market! We harvest the perfect meals and beverages!


Come for a splash at the Ottawa River Festival, from June 28 to 30, in Rockland, Du Moulin Park.The program offers a great variety and is sure to include everyone in a dynamic atmosphere: movies under the stars, beer garden, Kids Fun Zone that includes Inflatable Structures and face painting, Artists’ Association Art Exhibit, Professional Water Sports Stunt Shows that includes wakeboarding, Fire and Ice Comedy Science Show, Edge Water Car Show, try a paddle boat or a kayak, and finally a Dr. Bone Kids Show. 

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