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Nous vous proposons quelques activités à faire au cours d'une fin de semaine ou explorez toutes les possibilités afin de créer votre escapade sur mesure.


Completely foodie

Enjoying new flavours is always a fascinating experience! Spoil yourself, in Prescott-Russell, we grow the love...of wine!
Discover the activities and places proposed for the FOODIE getaway

Family First

We have it all for everyone, no matter the age group, the weather and the passion that fuels you. In Prescott-Russell, we grow fun!
Discover the activities and places proposed for the family getaway

A breath of fresh air

Summer is great but autumn is better ;) In Prescott-Russell, we grow courage to push the limits!
Discover the activities and places proposed for the Outdoor Getaway


A region to discover!

In our beautiful Eastern Ontario region, you will find a wide range of attractions to visit and fascinating entertainment and activities. Make the most of your stay and appreciate the plethora of genuinely local products.


Upcoming Events
and Activities

Tourisme Prescott-Russell Tourism
Exposition de sculptures d'objets recyclés par des artistes canadiens reconnus pour leur créativité artistique. Bois - métal - verre - ski - pièces agricoles - chaises - bateau - maison allumette. L'exposition Recycl'art favorise des contacts en
Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre
Join Arbor Gallery and Rita Iriarte for her 123rd exhibition in the last 25 years. This solo exhibition is titled 'Ma Raison D'être' and will run from Oct 2nd to Nov 3rd. We will be hosting a vernissage on Oct 6th from 1-3pm.


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