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Vankleek Hill, Champlain

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Wine lovers, you will live a delicious experience at Vankleek Hill Vineyard! Taste the organic wines Yellow Cow, a white win, Purple Cow, a red wine and Pink Cow, a rose. Everybody will find a wine for their taste. Besides wine tasting, learn more about the techniques used to make wine. These techniques resemble those used a 100 years ago. With today's technologies but with the chemical reactions of the past, Vankleek Hill Vineyard's wines are simply exquisite. Visit the vineyard or reserve the terrace for your celebrations and parties. The Yellow Cow, the Purple Cow and the Pink are only available at the vineyard's boutique. Take advantage of the occasion to buy all the needed accessories or snacks for wine tasting.

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3 Free Wine Tastings per couple per coupon
County Road 12, East Hawkesbury
4 June 2020 - 31 December 2020