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Hurry into Prescott-Russell ! Whatever your emotion, your intention, your inspiration and your motivation, we offer you getaways that will perfectly suit that urge to leave your busy schedule behind, recharge and get reacquainted with life, be it for a weekend. In Prescott-Russell, we grow vitality.

Completely Foodie - Microbreweries

Enjoying new flavours is always a fascinating experience! Spoil yourself in the Prescott and Russell region and discover our many local producers of craft beers, sumptuous wines and splendid ciders! Pssstt .. most of these products are not available in stores so you will discover new tastes, guaranteed!

The first day of your FOODIE weekend begins with a lunch at Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. where a free guided tour awaits you in addition to tastings! Located in Vankleek Hill, this microbrewery makes organic craft beer and offers more than half a dozen different beers to try on-site!

Afterwards, in the afternoon, while admiring the beautiful countryside of our region, head over to the St-Albert Cheese Factory. You will discover the process of making delicious cheddar cheese. After your visit, taste the cheddar of your choice: curds, smoked cheddar, spicy cheddar, mild cheddar and more. Don’t forget to stop by their boutique to get cheese for the road!

In the evening, head to Casselman, a few miles from St. Albert, where there are several restaurants available for dinner including Cassel Brewery Microbrewery. A simple and light menu will accompany your tasting of various truly unique and tasty craft beers.

For your overnight stay, various accommodation options are available to you such as the warm atmosphere of a country cabin or the lush modernity of an urban hotel. Visit our accommodation section here to see the many options available to you.

During your second day of your FOODIE weekend, you are invited to have lunch at Étienne Brûlé Brewery, a pub in the heart of Embrun village, offering organic beers with local ingredients. A delectable discovery for your taste buds, guaranteed!

In the afternoon, just a few steps from your previous destination, Brasserie Tuque de Broue Inc. will surprise you with its array of original craft beers. Have you ever tasted Gougounes? It is a rich and tasty red beer with aromas of caramel, blackberries and biscuits. It is truly Foodie-lisicous!

Completely Foodie - Vineyards

You like beer but wine is YOUR business. No problem! Being a foodie in Prescott-Russell is also knowing how to enjoy our vineyards for a weekend.

We suggest you start your wine weekend at Domaine Perrault Winery in Navan, a beautiful vineyard with a truly sublime landscape. Here you will have the chance to taste new flavours grown locally and wines named in honour of the producers’ granddaughters. Personally, we love Gabrielle, an exceptional red wine made from the Marquette vine. Grab a few bottles for your suitcase! Their unique taste is found nowhere else.

Continue to be charmed by continuing your day at Clos du Vully Vineyard. Of Swiss origin, this producer opened his doors in 2016 and cultivates five varieties of grapes. A dozen wines certified Clos du Vully are to be tasted!

Next up, head over to Vergers Villeneuve and Blueberry Farm in St-Pascal-de-Baylon. This ancestral farm offers you much more than just wine from its vines, but an array of fruit-based wines: pear, apple, blueberry, and more than 13 different varieties are available at their charming shop. By this time, your tummy should be growling for some wonderful local produce. Stop by L’Orignal Packing Ltd. for a selection of dried meats and pick up some smoked cheddar cheese from the St-Albert Cheese Factory to make an on-the go picnic that will surely hit the spot!

Later, head to Vankleek Hill: Ontario’s Gingerbread capital known for their houses adorned with intricate woodwork. Boasting local products, in this charming Victorian village, you'll find a host of small bistros, including the unique Vert Fourchette, which stands out for its urban design with its clean decor and friendly atmosphere. This is THE place for dinner!

For your overnight stay, various accommodation options are available to you. You prefer the warm atmosphere of a country cabin or the lush modernity of a hotel? Visit our accommodation section here to see the many options available to you.

Your Foodie journey ends with a visit to the delightful Vankleek Hill Vineyard, creators of organic wines. Here, you will be transported by the divine flavours produced from Frontenac Blanc and Frontenac Gris. Enjoy your visit and admire the impressive painted silo that is part of the unique Popsilos mural circuit. Don’t forget to take a selfie and share it with us! #SavourTheOutdoors

Family First

Spending time with family is worth every second. We offer family activities during the Fall to make each of these moments even more memorable. How about finding your way out of a unique corn maze? Or maybe you dig art spread out across the countryside on old agricultural silos? Check them out and see for yourself!

Start your family getaway with a perfect escape game for everyone in your family. Apex Escape Room, located in the charming village of Vankleek Hill offers two different themes: the Enchantress or the Bunker. Which one will you choose? Will you be up to the challenge? Fun for the whole family!

After, head out to Ouimet Farms Adventure. On site, you will find a Popsilos mural to admire, a jewel, part of this unique circuit in Canada. Plus, take on Ontario's most amazing corn labyrinth challenge and participate in the many kids' activities.

After spending all this energy, a snack is required! Discover the region's many local fall picking farms: apples and squash at Fournier's L'Artisan Farm, apples at Vergers Villeneuve and Blueberry Farm and the pumpkin festival at Ferme Proulx!

In the evening, for rest time, various accommodation options are available to you. You prefer the warm atmosphere of a country cabin or the lush modernity of a hotel? Visit our accommodation section here to see the many options available to you.

Start your second day day off right with a legendary brunch at the St-Albert Cheese Factory! The factory also offers a self-guided tour of the facilities to learn more about how they make their delicious 100% milk cheese. Don’t leave before tasting their famous curds and experiencing the squeaky goodness everyone is raving about!

Continue your discovery of the region with a breath of fresh air; what better than nature to appease you! The Larose Forest, the largest hand-planted forest in America is a little piece of paradise. Hiking, cycling or fat biking, the options are many to choose from! You will surely be returning home delighted and relaxed!
Did you bring your mountain bike with you this weekend? Take the opportunity to discover the trails that are available in the Larose Forest.

To end your stay in style, take the road back to Le Chenail Cultural Centre located in Hawkesbury on the edge of the Ottawa River. In addition to an amazing view, you will find two distinct artistic and cultural exhibitions to admire. The outdoor exhibition Recycl'Art offers you a delightful mix of art and nature while the exhibition Pride and Glory transports you to the 19th century, where the biggest sawmill in production of the British Empire was originally located on Chenail Island and Hamilton Island. Take the opportunity to enjoy the best coffee in the city or a tasty hot chocolate and don’t forget to choose a souvenir gift at their artisan shop!

What are you waiting for? Plan your family getaway in Prescott-Russell today!

A breath of fresh air

Summer is great but autumn is better ;) ! Breathe in the lively and spicy air the autumn season brings and get out and discover the multitude of outdoor activities. Lovers of thrills will be excited by our many quad bike tracks for motorcycles or fat bikes in the paths of the Larose Forest! Lovers of simplicity will be delighted by Garden Path Homemade Soap where you can enjoy the sweets of nature. For the undecided, no need to choose, do them all: do the corn maze, pick-your-own apples or squashes, hike or bike in our breathtaking scenery!

Start your weekend on the splendid golf greens. Choose from our many spots across our region: Casselview Golf Club, Nation Golf Club, Rockland Golf Club or Hawkesbury Golf & Curling. Let yourself be seduced by the autumn landscapes while completing your game. Fore! These multiple golf clubs also offer on-site lunch. Give them a try and discover new regional flavours!

Continue your exploration of Prescott-Russell at Garden Path Homemade Soap, a natural soap manufacturing company that stands out with its various gardens, ponds and a waystation dedicated to Monarch butterflies. Whether you want to relax or discover what’s to offer, come on a self-guided tour and indulge in new hand-crafted artisanal products available only at their shop.

For dinner, many opportunities are open to you. Check out the Eating and Drinking section of our site to make your choice! For your overnight stay, do you prefer the warm atmosphere of a country cabin or the lush modernity of a hotel? Visit our accommodation section here to see the many options available to you.

On this second day of your weekend, stop for a small picnic on the water's edge at Confederation Park in Hawkesbury located along the Ottawa River. This picturesque scenery offers picnic areas, lawn-bowling and an amazing view. Perfect for dining while admiring the romantic autumn landscape!